A Quick Guide to Threat Detection and Response

Download our e-Book to learn more about threat detection and response solutions and why device identity is one of their critically important building blocks.

Threat Detection and Response eBook

Threat Detection and Response help organizations prevent malicious or abnormal activities on their clients’ networks and endpoints. In this eBook, we examine three types of threat detection and response solutions and how Lansweeper’s IT asset discovery and recognition capabilities enable organizations to access the data they need to make their threat detection and response tools far more effective. 

Lansweeper Embedded Technologies offers several solutions and APIs across Lansweeper’s technology portfolio to third parties. We work with many cybersecurity organizations helping them enhance their security solutions with our leading device recognition technology.

Device Recognition

Device Recognition

Our Device Recognition technology can identify billions of devices to reveal the make, model, category, and OS with limited input data. Easy integration with Cloud API, multi-platform SDK, and offline database.