A Leading NACP Provider Uses Device Recognition to Identify and Act on the Ever-growing Network Attack Surface

Lansweeper Device Recognition is a cornerstone in multiple cybersecurity products and services worldwide. With the constant evolution of the cyber security landscape, companies are now looking for more and more ways to identify threats, improve security postures, and provide immediate remedies to compromised networks. Our technology provides accurate, granular device information, enabling our partners to protect their customers. For EDR, XDR, NDR, SIEM, and ZTNA, we are a critically important building block for all of these services.

In this customer story, we explore NACP and how a leading innovator in this space tackled the challenge by embedding Device Recognition.

The Challenge

  • Our customer needed a way to monitor external networks with minimal network protocol information
  • In-house device identification methods were often unreliable and needed dedicated efforts that were slowing progress on other critical projects
"The network airspace is growing at an alarming rate. Where it was previously fine to monitor and protect your networks, the attack vector has grown significantly, meaning that all neighboring networks also need to be monitored to prevent unwanted intrusions".
R. K.
Co-founder, Head of Product

The Solution

  • The customer implemented Lansweeper Device Recognition Cloud API v2.0
  • They developed an API endpoint to interact with the restful API
  • The low-effort implementation meant that they were immediately able to recognize, to the highest level of accuracy, devices on neighboring networks by just providing a MAC address
  • The customer was able to report a significant increase in threat detection over their in-house device identification
Threat detection and response
"Lansweeper has helped us to deliver the very foundation of any security-focussed organization - qualified device inventories with the highest level of accuracy in the industry. We're delighted that we found a partner that has unlocked many potential opportunities for us".
R. K.
Co-founder, Head of Product​

What's Next?

  • With the cornerstone of threat detection being covered, this customer can focus on further enhancing its protection and policy application
  • They are currently trialing our Device Catalog, which allows categorization and end-of-life/end-of-support device intelligence, helping with anomaly detection and proactive action taking


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