Telefónica Boosts Customer Engagement in its Smart Wi-Fi App with Device Recognition

Telefónica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world with operations in 13 countries and a customer base of more than 345 million. The company owns a number of globally recognized telecoms brands including Movistar, O2, and Vivo.

Key Facts
Company: Telefónica
Industry: Telecommunications
Company Size: 10,001+ Employees


  • Experienced a reduction in customer support queries
  • Improved customer confidence & gained a notable increase in brand engagement
  • Experienced a 75% increase in Monthly Active Users (MAUs)

Using Fing Device Recognition SDK

Fing‘s Device Recognition SDK is used by Telefónica to improve customer engagement with its Movistar Smart Wi-Fi app. Fing’s best-in-market Device Recognition technology was instrumental in providing device and network intelligence in an easily digestible and user-friendly way via the app.

The Smart Wi-Fi app is available to Movistar customers in Spain, Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Columbia and also to Vivo customers in Brazil. Telefónica developed the app to provide its customers with a user-friendly way to self-manage their Wi-Fi set-up, troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues, and understand their internet usage.

"After a long relationship with Lansweeper and their Device Recognition SDK which is powered by Fing, our clients have the chance to better self-manage their Wi-Fi network by a precise identification of all the devices connected, which definitely adds value to the app itself, from the user perspective."
Marcos Gallego Schmid
Head of P&S, Alliances, Strategic Partnerships and Devices for Spanish America at Telefónica

Why Telefónica chose Fing

Telefónica worked with Fing’s Business Development Team to learn more about our Device Recognition Technology and compare against other alternatives. It then set up a trial period to comprehensively test the technology on a substantial sample of its userbase. After a robust round of testing, Telefónica observed the significant improvements to the app usability and user engagement and began to scale. Nowadays, the technology for devices recognition is fully integrated with the device map feature, being this the first screen the users see when login into the app.

A Clear Choice, Easy Integration

Telefónica has experienced a reduction in customer support queries and the associated cost-to-serve and has seen a notable increase in brand engagement. In Columbia, the first country to release the app with Fing SDK, Telefónica experienced a 75% increase in Monthly Active Users (MAUs) and a very positive uptick in-app store ratings for the Smart Wi-Fi app.


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