Device Recognition Enables an International Telecom Provider to Better Understand its Customers

Staying connected and accessing the internet is a vital part of our lives. That’s why telecom providers are invaluable today. They provide connectivity to private and business consumers. They offer countless other possibilities, such as access to news, learning, and economy-related activities like online shopping and telework. Because of this, telecom organizations are usually the single point of contact for anything on the network. As such, they require a vast amount of data to support their customers. Lansweeper’s Device Recognition technology enables many telecom providers to understand what devices are being used on their networks. It allows them to provide a better customer experience through visibility and control.

In this customer story, we explore a market leading telecoms provider headquartered in Europe. With over 30 million mobile customers, our customer provides 4G and 5G network coverage, devices, and hardware for both home and corporate consumers. 

The Challenge

  • The customer needed to create household personas with details on devices being used in the home
  • They initially pursued using network traffic patterns and analysis to predict the devices used in each household, which was not returning exact device listings, but categorical listings instead
  • In-house device identification methods required significant investment to keep up to date with the ever-changing landscape of devices, and returning “generic devices” would not be feasible
"The modern household is changing - each has its unique blend of devices and ways of consuming data, entertainment, and interacting with other households. We needed a way to offer a personalized service to each of our customers so that it was meaningful and proactive."
L. Q.
Senior Product Manager

The Solution

  • The customer implemented Lansweeper’s Device Recognition Cloud API
  • They developed an API endpoint to interact with the restful API
  • This allowed the customer to retrieve a qualified, accurate list of devices for households using their services 
  • In turn, they could segment their customer base and offer additional services and proactive support tailored to each household
  • The customer could significantly drive up user satisfaction and NPS from their customer base, with device identification as an important piece of the overall solution
Household devices

What's Next?

  • This telecom company is committed to providing enhanced and personalized support and services to its customers. The Lansweeper’s Device Catalog will allow users to understand more about the devices in their household, including support pages, end-of-life and end-of-support


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