European Telecom Provider Leverages Device Identification Technology to Offer Better Services and Support

In this customer story, we look at the ways in which we were able to support a European telecom provider to go above and beyond in delivering additional layers of services and support through understanding more about their customers’ devices.

The Challenge

  • This European telecom provider needed to understand better the devices their customers were using
  • They also needed a foundation upon which they could begin to build a better customer experience – but without knowing the devices used, the future solutions would not be as tailored as they could be
"Our customers are using different combinations of devices for our services, and we wanted to make sure that we were able to provide the best and most appropriate support and services to them."
A. O.
Senior Network Quality Product Manager

The Solution

  • The provider implemented Lansweeper Device Recognition Cloud API
  • They developed an API endpoint to interact with the restful API
  • This allowed them to compile accurate device inventories for each of their customers, including brand, model and operating system
  • With this information, they could create detailed profiles for each customer which could be used to aid in support cases and offer supplementary services based on device types.
Customer support telecom

What's Next?

Our telecom customer has big plans for the future. The device recognition has allowed them to establish a solid foundation of accurate data, which they will use to support further enhancements that they offer to their customer base, including device policy management, security features, and more in their mobile apps.


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