How Device Recognition Superpowered an Established Authority in the Mobile Industry

The average household has an estimated nine devices connected at any one time. In some cases, this number can easily climb into double digits, especially if you consider the boom of IoT devices. To tackle this, vendors working within the consumer space are focused on two key things; visibility and control. Our restful, cloud API allows software vendors to make light work of leveraging our capabilities to provide accurate, qualified inventories for their customers.

In this customer story, we talk about how we empowered a recognized authority in the mobile industry to offer enhanced location services and parental controls to mobile and cable consumers globally.

The Challenge

  • This vendor needed a way to quickly and accurately identify devices connected to home networks
  • The level of change in the consumer device industry meant that maintaining an accurate device fingerprinting solution required dedicated teams specialising in machine learning, data science, and networking intelligence, as well as inventory
"As a leading authority in parental controls, we are in so many households around the globe. With the ever changing nature of devices in the home, traditional device identification methods were quickly becoming outdated and could not afford the risk of unknown or generic devices being displayed to parents."
E. U.
VP Corporate Strategy

The Solution

  • The vendor implemented Lansweeper Device Recognition Cloud API
  • They developed an API endpoint to interact with the restful API
  • This allowed them to enable parents to view a qualified, accurate list of devices for their families on their mobile app. 
  • Parents could then enforce device specific policies, understand family movements and enhance home network security through their app.
  • By using the Lansweeper device recognition, this vendor was able to dramatically drive up the number of household devices with policies attached.
Parental Control Gaming

What's Next?

This customer is now exploring the Lansweeper Device Catalog, which gives consumers even more value by providing further device intelligence such as end-of-life, support pages, and social links for brands and manufacturers so that they have all the info they need in the palm of their hand.


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