Lansweeper Embedded Technologies at Infosec: Discover our Device Recognition Solutions

Booth R10 – ExCeL London

We’re excited about showcasing our Device Recognition solution for cyber security at Infosecurity Europe, June 21-23 in London!

Planning to attend the conference? Book a meeting with our team, discuss use cases, and get all your questions answered!

There are many applications of our device recognition embedded technology within the network security landscape – some ways in which our customers have used our device fingerprinting solutions include:
  • Embedding in high-performance gateways for active and autonomous device policy management
  • To identify patterns in device behavior within local networks and neighboring networks
  • To improve parental control and IoT security within households
  • To enhance the IoT security posture in large enterprises for protecting the network from existing and unknown threats, for email security, and zero-day protection

See you at the conference!