Device Recognition

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Try our device recognition technology in your own product.
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FREE for one month

Start-Up License

For Start-ups that are bootstrapped. Eligibility criteria apply*.
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250 per month ex. VAT

*Eligibility: 2-10 employees. Less than 3 years old. Revenue less than EUR 100,000 a year.

Pro License

For SMBs that are entering the market. For Enterprises that want to run a POC.
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500 per month ex. VAT

Enterprise License

For enterprises with a large customer footprint.


The uniqueness of our technology is the application of MAC clustering to device recognition: the machine learning allows us to increase the knowledge of IoT devices by leveraging their fingerprints. Our device recognition is powered by standard Big Data & Analytics, Machine Learning, Real-time streaming Analytics, Insights and Visualization.

The trial period lasts for 1 month and has a limit of 5,000 queries per month. After 1 month, or if you exceed the number of monthly queries, you need to purchase a license

After 5,000 queries, you can purchase the Start-up License (eligibility criteria applies) or Pro License that provides up to 1 million queries per month. If you need more queries per month, please discuss your requirements with our Sales Team that will offer you different packages.

We offer our device scanning and recognition in different format to meet large enterprises’ needs: Cloud API; Multi-platform SDK (Android & iOS; Windows DLL; Mac DyLib; Linux SO); On-premise solutions.

The Cloud API is the immediate access to our unique identification technology by standard HTTP requests.

The Mobile SDK contains the network scanner and our proprietary device identification technology.

This recognition kit allows developers access to our proprietary machine learning expertise for desktop and embedded environment.

Our Device recognition is integrated by System Integrators, Telecom, Cyber Security, Hardware Manufactures and Insurance Companies.

  • ARP (Mac Address)
  • DHCPv4, DHCPv6 (Params, Vendor, …)
  • DNS (Hostname)
  • HTTP (User Agent)
  • UPnP (Device Type, Manufacturer, Services List)
  • mDNSNetbios (Services)
  • SNMP (OIDs like SysObject ID, Description, …)
  • SSH, Telnet, FTP (Banners) NEW
  • HTTP (Server) NEW
  • TLS/x509 (Certificate, Subject and Issuers) NEW
  • HTML (Title, Favicon) NEW
  • SMB (Native OS and LM) NEW