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Enrich Identified Devices with EOL, EOSL, Warranty & Other Data

Our Device Catalog provides detailed product metadata that is usually not discoverable, such as release and end-of-life dates, references to documentation and support, and available smart-home integrations. 

With a simple API, you can ensure you have a normalized inventory of devices, operating systems and brands, and enrich each category with detailed information collected and vetted by a world-leading team.

Device Catalog

A Growing Data Catalog, Veriffied and Vetted, Accessible in Any Environment







Device Recognition and Device Catalog

Integrated with Device Recognition: Identify + Enrich

The Device Catalog is designed to work hand in hand with our Device Recognition technology so that you can identify devices, then enrich those results with detailed metadata:

  • EOL & EOSL
  • Support & warranty information, inc. socials
  • Security details (CPE, CVE)
  • Documentation and user guides
  • Price levels, popularity
  • Smart home capabilities

EOL or EOSL? Mitigate the Impact on Your Stakeholders with Lansweeper’s Device Catalog

Nothing lasts forever – especially your IT assets. When you can no longer receive critical updates and support from the vendor, you run the risk of vulnerabilities opening the door for a security incident or costly downtime. In this post, we’ll take a look at the differences between EOL and EOSL, what they mean to your organization, and how Lansweeper can help you stave off the possibility of outdated devices weakening your stakeholders’ cybersecurity posture.

EOL or EOSL Mitigate the Impact on Your Stakeholders with Lansweeper Device Catalog