Device Recognition for Cybersecurity

Lansweeper’s Device Recognition is a cornerstone in multiple cybersecurity products and services worldwide. With the constant evolution of the cybersecurity landscape, companies are now looking for more and more ways to identify threats, improve security postures, and provide immediate remedies to compromised networks. Our technology provides accurate, granular device information, which enables our partners to protect their customers. EDR, XDR, NDR, SIEM, ZTNA — we are a critically important building block for every one of these services.

Device Recognition for Cybersecurity

Market Leaders Use Our Technology

Zero Trust Network Access ZTNA

Managed & Unmanaged Networks

Most organizations are focussed on protecting their known networks, that is endpoints with agents or active scanners that relay key information on a regular basis. However, we all now know that the network attack vector is so much more than just what you know and can see. Our agentless device recognition analyses passive network protocols and is able to provide the highest accuracy in the industry, thanks to our patented clustering techniques, and so can identify shadow devices. In fact, our device recognition is a fundamental building block of many ZTNA applications currently on the market. 

Hybrid Working & BYOD

Since the rise of the hybrid working environment, organizations are now challenged with the additional difficulties of BYOD (bring your own device) and potentially unmanaged home networks. Since inception, we have uniquely identified 1.2 billion devices, and are used knowingly or unknowingly in millions of households worldwide (not to mention we have over 100m downloads of our Fing app!) – and as such we are able to accurately identify devices 96% of the time.

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BYOD Bring Your Own Device
Cloud API and Mobile SDK

Implement Quickly & Painlessly

Our device recognition capabilities are lightweight and can be deployed in a number of different ways. With a cloud API, Mobile SDK, Desktop SDK, and Offline implementation, we are able to work with organizations of all types and sizes – from Fortune 100 Enterprises to early-stage startups. Get in touch today for a free trial, or if you’re convinced then sign up for a starter license today.

A Quick Guide to Threat Detection and Response

Threat Detection and Response help organizations prevent malicious or abnormal activities on their clients’ networks and endpoints. In this eBook, we examine three types of threat detection and response solutions and how Lansweeper’s IT asset discovery and recognition capabilities enable organizations to access the data they need to make their threat detection and response tools far more effective. 

Download our free threat detection and response guide and learn why device identity is the foundation for effective cybersecurity.

Threat Detection and Response eBook