Device Recognition for Hardware Manufacturers

Lansweeper Device Recognition functions as a versatile fingerprinting solution that has strong roots in the hardware industry. We work with many of the world’s leading brands and enable them to provide exceeding levels of functionality for their end users. We power the device recognition for routers, firewalls, and switches across a wide range of international manufacturers so that end users can always control which devices are connecting to their network.

Device Recognition for Hardware Manufacturers

Market Leaders Use Our Technology

Device Identification Accuracy

A Commodity Where Accuracy is the Name of the Game

The hardware space is competitive. Device identification is a commodity that most manufacturers will offer, and the clear winners are those with the highest accuracy. Some organizations will tend to build in-house device recognition, with limited accuracy, before realizing the huge number of challenges with improving accuracy, maintaining accuracy, and coupling growing data points with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We’ve found that a significant number of our partners started their own device recognition in some shape, before partnering with us and leveraging our best-in-class accuracy and flexibility so that they can focus on their core business. And what’s more, we are getting more and more accurate as time goes on – the further our reach, the more accurate we can get.

Enabling Hardware Manufacturers to do More

Hardware manufacturers can build upon a solid foundation of market-leading device recognition and accelerate their go-to-market rather than building in-house device identification systems.

Router manufacturers can embed our device recognition into their hardware and return an accurate profile of every device connecting to it, through passive protocols (and active if available). Firewall providers can capture passive protocols and run them through our APIs to automatically identify and apply appropriate device policies. We even support switch manufacturers with our lightweight scanner to help them collect proper protocols to provide detailed device information for the networks they serve.

Network Hardware
Cloud API and Mobile SDK

Growing With Our Customers

Our device recognition capabilities are built to the highest levels of scalability, and with billions of devices being recognized every day on our platform, we have done the work to stay secure, stay robust and stay available. With a cloud API, Mobile SDK, Desktop SDK, and Offline implementation, Lansweeper Device Recognition can be embedded in hardware and CPEs of all types and sizes – from Fortune 100 Enterprises to early-stage startups. Get in touch today to explore our capabilities through a trial or starter license, which can grow with your product.

CommScope Relies on Lansweeper to Provide Customers Total Visibility and Control Over Connected Devices in the Home

"Integrating Lansweeper powered by Fing with our products enables us to have context for customer network usage and preferences. With this information, we can develop better products and innovative features that meet their needs and exceed their expectations."
Ronen Stern
Senior Product Manager for Retail, CommScope