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Super-charge your applications with true internet provider speed, outages and user ratings

Our Outage Detection is a probe-based API that provides real-time, distributed outage detection.

By leveraging over 94,000 independent probes worldwide, we ensure that we can power the provision of a truly global outage and internet intelligence. More importantly, it is drop-driven and works automatically and in real-time. 

Outage Detection

Real-time, all the time

The outage detection API can provide real-time alerting via email or SMS and a live platform showing the most impacted cities and regions by leveraging advanced AI algorithms. Each event can provide details on:

  • Time of initial outage
  • Severity of outage
  • Duration
  • Expected resolution time
  • Precise location
  • Recurrence
  • Support details & socials for the ISP in question

Integrations to facilitate the "what next?"

Our Outage Detection has been designed to function as an integral building block as part of a broader application. So, we know how important it is to integrate with other tools in the eco-system, and with a modern, restful API, outage detection can integrate with dev-ops monitoring tools like BigPanda and standard support tools like Zendesk.

Who do we work with?

We support telecom, hardware manufacturers, and cybersecurity companies globally to deliver timely and accurate information to support their customers.

Our partners in telecom leverage Outage Detection with their service assurance teams to stay ahead of an increasing management workload by getting real-time network incident visibility. Integrations help ensure that the spikes in incidents are quickly and efficiently transferred to key service platforms.

Hardware vendors bake in key capabilities of the outage detection API to provide superior customer experience and increase notification, visibility, and predictions for their end customers.

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