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Lansweeper Embedded Technologies offers several solutions and APIs across Lansweeper’s technology portfolio to third parties, delivering “easy to embed” technology asset intelligence to accelerate your go-to-market.  

Lansweeper Embedded Technologies
Embedded ITAM 1

Embedded ITAM

Embedded ITAM is a new approach to asset management that integrates asset data into your existing business systems. An ITAM capability at your core provides the asset context necessary for services such as device management, cyber security, service desk, or the context needed to make the right automated services.

Device Recognition

Our Device Recognition technology can identify billions of devices to reveal the make, model, category, and OS with limited input data. Easy integration with Cloud API, multi-platform SDK, and offline database. 

Device Recognition
Device Catalog

Device Catalog

Enriched device identification with product metadata that can’t be discovered otherwise, such as release and end-of-life dates, references to documentation and support, and available smart-home integrations.

Software Normalization

Lansweeper’s Software Normalization provides instant access to the most comprehensive, up-to-date information about all of the IT assets across your organization, including a full, normalized overview of all of your software assets.

Outage Detection

Outage Detection

Our outage detection is probe-based, it’s automatic and works in real-time, with no need for manual reports from users, detecting and reporting outages at the ISP level or the carrier/power level. Over 94,000 probes worldwide ensure the widest coverage possible.

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