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Embed ITAM to Accelerate the Enrichment or Creation of Your Products or Services

By embedding ITAM into your products and services, you provide a foundational building block to offer upstream services or automation. IT Asset Management is essential to any organization’s IT infrastructure. It ensures that all technology assets are used effectively and efficiently. ITAM provides a single source of truth about IT, OT, and IoT assets, including their location, value, and usage.

An ITAM capability at your core provides the asset context necessary for services such as device management, cyber security, service desk, or the context needed to make the right automated services.

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What We Enable

Accelerated Time to Market

Grow Your Customer Base

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Increase ROI & Recurring Revenue

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Embedded ITAM: The Future of Asset Management

Lansweeper empowers partner organizations to generate recurring revenue by embedding our low-touch stackable building blocks, ideal for providing comprehensive asset intelligence and unparalleled insight to SMB and MM clients. We’ve delivered value to 25,000+ clients globally and now we are enabling partners to embed components or white label our entire asset platform. 

By leveraging our innovative ITAM solution, our partners:

  • Gain lower-risk competitive advantage
  • Accelerate time to market with new value-added services
  • Accelerate adoption by embedding a mature market-leading product
  • Gain new opportunities to cross-sell
  • Get an opportunity to focus on new IP
  • Share product vision

Embedded ITAM for Cybersecurity

Our embedded ITAM technology provides a comprehensive solution for cybersecurity companies by:

  • Providing a foundation for proactive vulnerability management
  • Enabling a risk-based view of the entire estate
  • Optimizing compliance management
  • Optimizing costs associated with IT assets
Embedded ITAM Cybersecurity
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Embedding ITAM into Your Existing Systems

Embedding ITAM is a seamless process that can be done with minimal disruption to your business. Lansweeper’s ITAM solution can be integrated into your existing systems to provide the data needed to manage assets effectively. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you embed ITAM in your business.