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Identify and normalize software applications, versions, licenses and usage across your IT infrastructure

Software normalization is essential to reducing complexity and costs, and creating a manageable, secure and consistent software environment – and the first step is building a complete and accurate software asset inventory. 

Lansweeper’s Software Normalization service provides instant access to the most comprehensive, up-to-date information about all of the IT assets across your organization, including a full, normalized overview of all of your software assets.

Real-time Software Discovery and Inventory

Lansweeper leverages agent-based and agentless asset scanning along with credential-free device recognition (CDR) technology to create a complete IT asset inventory, including all software assets across your IT environment. It delivers granular information about your software assets in minutes, normalizing software titles, versions and editions. With this normalized overview on-hand, you can:

  • Improve vulnerability management and incident response 
  • Identify vulnerable applications or track the spread of malware
  • Systematically apply updates and patches across the organization
  • Eliminate unnecessary software purchases and redundant licenses
  • Troubleshoot compatibility issues and ensure interoperability
  • Generate accurate reports and analysis

Reduce Risk and Improve Governance

Through fast and efficient software normalization, Lansweeper makes visible the names, versions and editions of all the software across your enterprise with unrivaled accuracy, simplifying the process of vendor and legal compliance. Seamless integrations enable you to search entitlement sources and check items against manufacturers’ software catalogs, to ensure special licensing terms are associated with the necessary base licenses, including upgrades and maintenance. Then, you can reconcile this data against Lansweeper inventory data to establish an accurate software license position.

No More Duplicate or Outdated Software

Using Lansweeper’s Software Normalization service, you can identify and eliminate duplicate or redundant software applications to reduce unnecessary costs and avoid potential conflicts or compatibility issues caused by multiple versions of the same software. Quickly and easily uncover outdated or unsupported versions, and roll out timely updates and patches for improved security, performance and compatibility.

Optimize Software Spend

Not knowing what software is over- or under-utilized can result in unnecessary license costs and liabilities. With complete visibility across your entire software estate, you can optimize software procurement and identify underutilized or unnecessary software licenses, realizing cost savings through license optimization, consolidation and right-sizing.

Who do we work with?

Lansweeper Embedded Technologies supports telecom, hardware manufacturers, and cybersecurity companies globally to deliver timely and accurate information to support their customers. Our partners use our platform for accurate and efficient software asset discovery and inventory, and our seamless integrations with market-leading software license and asset management vendors like Asset Labs and Licenseware to achieve real-time visibility and control of software across their organizations. Now they can also leverage Lansweeper to provide customers with fast and efficient software normalization. 

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about how to get started with Lansweeper’s software normalization service.