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Lansweeper is an IT Asset Management software provider helping businesses better understand, manage and protect their IT devices and network. Lansweeper helps customers minimize risks and optimize their IT assets by providing actionable insight into their IT infrastructure, offering trustworthy, valuable, and accurate insights about the state of users, devices, and software. Since its launch in 2004, Lansweeper has been developing a software platform that scans and inventories all types of IT devices, installed software, and active users on a network – allowing organizations to manage their IT centrally.

In 2020, Lansweeper acquired Fing, the network scanning and device recognition app. The acquisition extends and enhances Lansweeper’s own IT network discovery capabilities by adding Fing’s unique device identification capabilities to the company’s product portfolio. Fing proprietary technology turns network data, such as a MAC address, into a specific device providing the accurate make, type, model, and OS (Name and Version) with an unmatched level of precision. Fing brings one of the largest databases of over 1 billion uniquely identified devices.

In 2022, Lansweeper acquired UMAknow and its Cloudockit solution. Cloudockit technology provides complete automated documentation and visualization, audit, and tracking services for IT departments using Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services platforms (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Hyper-V, and VMWare.

With recent acquisitions of Fing and Cloudockit, Lansweeper is on a solid growth path and ambition to be at the forefront of IT Asset Intelligence, helping organizations discover, identify, and analyze their complete IT estate.

Lansweeper Embedded Technologies is a separate business unit that provides solutions and APIs across the Lansweeper technology portfolio to third parties. The objective is to make available components of Lansweeper’s Technology Asset Intelligence to be easily embedded into third parties’ products and services to accelerate their go-to-market.

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