Device Recognition for Telecom

Network operators are not just organizations that sell connectivity to home and business consumers. They are the single point of contact for anything on the network. And as such, they need as much information as they can possibly gather to support their customers. Lansweeper’s Device Recognition technology enables many telecom providers to understand what devices are used on their networks. It allows them to provide a better customer experience through visibility and control.

Device Recognition Telecom

Market Leaders Use Our Technology

Parental Control

Device Policies & Management

Many telcos have a physical presence in the household or office so that they can retrieve far more protocols through active scanning. Lansweeper Device Recognition can analyze over 15 different protocols to provide the highest accuracy levels in the industry. With details on the type, brand, model, and operating system, telecom providers can empower their customers to apply specific device policies and rules that put them in control of their network. For example, parents can distribute bandwidth to critical devices or restrict internet usage to particular devices after certain times. Business owners can establish ZTNA by ringfencing new devices based on the type or determining potential vulnerabilities with outdated device OS.

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Improving Customer Support & Proactive Services

With an accurate device fingerprint, telecom providers can reduce customer troubleshooting time and pre-load essential information ahead of calls with account holders. This way, they are already aware of which devices may be EOL of EOS, which devices may have old OS, or simply having a qualified inventory to assess rather than hunting through it on a call. Additionally, telcos can begin to move beyond reactive services and offer proactive suggestions instead. Coupled with the Device Catalog, understanding what is in the household helps network connectivity companies provide tailored offers that take into account the customer profile and age of the devices they own.

Cloud API and Mobile SDK

Flexible, Scalable, Robust.

Our device recognition capabilities are built to the highest levels of scalability. With billions of devices being recognized daily on our platform, we have done the work to stay secure, robust, and available. With a cloud API, Mobile SDK, Desktop SDK, and Offline implementation, Lansweeper Device Recognition can be embedded in organizations of all types and sizes – from Fortune 100 Enterprises to early-stage startups. Get in touch today to kick off the shortest and most personable partnership process you’ve ever seen.

"After a long relationship with Lansweeper and their Device Recognition SDK which is powered by Fing, our clients have the chance to better self-manage their Wi-Fi network by a precise identification of all the devices connected, which definitely adds value to the app itself, from the user perspective."
Marcos Gallego Schmid
Head of P&S, Alliances, Strategic Partnerships and Devices

Telefónica Boosts Customer Engagement in its Smart Wi-Fi App with Device Recognition

Next Generation Broadband

Lansweeper, Domos and Cognitive Systems have joined forces to enhance broadband for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and revolutionize their customers’ internet experience. 

Collaboration enables ISPs to increase customer retention, lower costs and offer new, valuable features to their customers.