Next Generation Broadband

Lansweeper, Domos, and Cognitive Systems have joined forces to enhance broadband for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and revolutionize their customers’ internet experience. The collaboration aims to support telecom companies in providing their customers with the most intelligent and innovative value-added services, ultimately enhancing their internet experience. It also helps ISPs to stand out in the market and deliver exceptional solutions to their customers by leveraging a joint ecosystem of specialized, industry-leading technologies.

Let’s discuss how we can accelerate your go-to-market by leveraging our technology.

Next Generation Broadband Telecom

Fireside Chat

Our collaboration aims to provide value-added services to ISPs through spatial, device, and application outcome awareness so that they can launch new tools and services and transform and elevate the customer’s connected experience. 
In this fireside chat, we discuss various use cases for ISPs and why we are joining forces to elevate the broadband experience. 

Distilling Information for Actionable Insights

Our combined technologies elevate the customer’s broadband experience by bringing capabilities such as streaming, remote work, and online video gaming to the next level, while also  enabling ISPs to increase customer retention, reduce operational costs, and upsell new features and services.

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